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Do you want..

  • Increased Yields

  • Protection from Pests and Diseases

  • Reduced Irrigation Requirements

  • No need for Fertilizers

  • Weed Suppression

  • Protection against Soil Erosion

  • Carbon Sequestration


What information can a Certified Soil Food Web Lab-Tech provide to the client?

 A Biological Lab Report, that includes the quantity of each organism and whether it is adequate to grow the plants that the grower desires.

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Beneficial Fungi are an essential Part of the Soil Food Web,

 The presence of beneficial fungi in the soil has been shown to significantly inhibit the growth of weeds. 

At Melanie's Let's See Biology
we are able to decern beneficial fungi from Oomycete that cause disease

why should you have your soil assessed?

to ensure you have a balance of the organisms that preform the process of nutrient cycling


what is nutrient cycling

Nutrient Cycling

This is the process by which beneficial microorganisms harvest nutrients from soil organic matter and also from the ‘parent material’. Rocks, pebbles, sand particles, silts and clays are all considered ‘parent material’. On a molecular level, they comprise crystalline structures that are not easily broken down. These structures contain atoms of iron, boron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium etc. Plants are not capable of directly accessing the nutrients in these structures. Bacteria and fungi, however, produce enzymes that break-down these structures, thus releasing the nutrients they contain. The bacteria and fungi readily absorb these nutrients, which are later made available to plant roots when bacterial and fungal predators consume their prey and subsequently excrete their waste. It is this waste material that plants absorb – a nutrient dense liquid food source that can be absorbed directly into the plant root. Otherwise known as The Poop Loop:) 


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