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Cover Crops

Cover crops are quick growing plants that cover our soil during the non-growing season.

these plants will support the microbes that provide nutrient cycling in our soil.

Did you know that no soil lacks the nutrients that plants need to thrive?

the nutrients just need to release into the rhizosphere of your crops, and the microbes do that.

Cover crops are also known as Green manure, the green parts of the plant can be used in your compost as the nitrogen, this a great source of Greens for your compost.

A good source of plants to use as cover crops


Grains such as barley, oats, buckwheat

Legumes these also provide nitrogen to the soil with large above and below ground biomass.

and encourage pollinators with their flowers.

Brassicas- cabbage and mustard family these provide deep tap roots to keep the soil aerated that capture nitrogen remaining long after the harvest of your crops.

Grasses are great one too they work to protect our soil from erosion. The green tops can be harvested for nitrogen for your compost.

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