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First public workshop!!!

We had a great first public workshop!!! At Aprils Garden. I just want to give A Big shout out to the staff at A-To-Z Supply in Grass Valley It was an awesome experience.

It was wonderful to connect with my community in person and have the much-needed conversations around the topic of compost. Not just compost but recycling

there is no better time than NOW to begin to make compost and save our planet from landfills that are just that! fills they are not regenerative compost piles, they are pits in the ground that are lined with thick impermeable plastic, so they do not leach the toxic byproducts into our precious Earth. I hope that we can have more of these conversations. I look forward to my next workshop. I am impressed with my community for showing up asking questions being Egar to learn this process of making healthy compost to facilitate the microorganisms that keep our soil and plants healthy. In turn keeping us healthy.

I hope you have been inspired to get your hands dirty and look around see where you can scoop up some fallen leaves, clip a little grass, pull some weeds, rake some woodchips and contribute back to the health of your soil. The way mother earth has intended it.

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Start small think big!!!

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